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2006 observation notes for sights above

 date observations
  7-06 rain and clouds every day. got a so-so night yesterday and did a little observing before the fog rolled in.  no imaging was possible.  conditions remain very poor here in central connecticut. 
  8-06 rain and clouds every day.   conditions remain very poor here in central connecticut.  another total bust when it comes to weather.
  9-1 rain and clouds are forecasted for the next 3 days.
  9-12  weather getting better. still not good enough to get out and image.  have done a little observing between the haze and clouds.  
  9-21  well, the skies still are not clear.  this summer was a bust as to getting time to observe.  have done a few nights of visual observing but have not had conditions that would support good imaging.  with fall approaching, we are hopping for better seeing conditions that usually accompany colder weather conditions. 
  10-2 this summer and it's bad seeing conditions are coming to an end.  fall should bring cooler temperatures which should bring better seeing conditions.  while i did get out a few nights to observe between clouds, i was not able to do any imaging work.  (i need the practice)  i hope to get some imaging in this month and would like to start collecting images for my lunar 100 project.  
  10-24 the skies are getting better now that the temperature is dropping.  the new problem is wind and it has been here nearly every day. (between 15 and 50mph)  last weekend it blew down trees and we had 29,000 homes without power for a day.  crazy weather here in central connecticut.   we are planning to get out this friday night, we hear the wind will be calm.
  12-2006 we are moving the observatory from kensington connecticut to middletown connecticut.  our new home is nearly finished and with the 2 acre lot we will have room to build a separate building for the telescope.  this will eventually lead to more time for observing.  hope to be back in full capability by may 2007.


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