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famous astronomers



complete the crossword. click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number. fill in your answer, click on "enter" to put your answer into the crossword puzzle. when complete click on "check" to check your answers. if you are stuck, you can click on "hint" to get a free letter. click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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2. giovanni _____________ 1625-1712 credit for the discovery of the largest division/gap in saturn's rings.
3. karl ___________ german 1873-1916 first to study the theory of black holes.
5. johannes ___________ german 1571-1642 credited for establishing the three laws of planetary motion.
6. charles __________ french 1730-1817 - known for his 110 deep space objects.
7. william ___________ british 1738-1822 discovered uranus and ice caps on mars.
10. christiaan ___________ dutch 1629-1695 discovered saturn's first satellite.(titan)
11. edmond __________ british 1656-1742 predicted the comet of 1682 was periodic. comet is named after him.
12. cylde ___________ 1906-1997 discovered pluto.


1. galileo _________ italian 1564-1642 credited for discovery of the four largest satellites of jupiter.
4. nicolaus __________ polish 1473-1543 credited for simple model of the solar system that explained planetary motion
5. gerard ___________ dutch 1905-1973 discovered a belt of coments beyond pluto. the belt is named after him.
8. johann ___________ german 1747-1826 published law for distance between thje sun and our planets.
9. william _________ british 1799-1880 discovered trition, neptune's largest satellite.
11. edwin __________ american 1889-1953 discovered that faraway galaxies are moving away from us. there is a telescope in space named after him.

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