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my favorite links and sites i visit often.


these sites have earned my respect by providing quality sites or services and that is the only reason their listed.


  • nasa
    • just about everything you ever wanted to know about space.


  • clear sky alarm clock
    • this site allows you to set your location and get email notification when the sky will be clear.


  • astronomy expert  new 
    • astronomyexpert was formed to offer a unique reference point on improve your
      knowledge of astronomy. astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. this site
      provides extensive information about celestial objects and phenomena that
      exist outside the earth's atmosphere.



  • apex  (association for positive ethical exchange) 
    • their mission on the internet is to increase the credibility and professionalism of all website owners, designers and users, to set ethical standards, encourage professional practices, and promote fellowship amongst internet users. (credit = quote from apex home page)
  • nj night sky
    • an online astronomy community - if you are into amateur astronomy, you must visit this site. 
    • you don't have to be from nj, and the experience level of the members is outstanding.  you will be welcome on this site and i am very proud to be a new member of this group. 

    image of best site logo


  • classic astrophotography logo - copyright peter kennett(c) peter kennett
  • classic astrophotography - (this is a must see site).
    • just about everything you ever wanted to know about film astrophotography and the help does not stop there.   this site features a drift alignment simulator and instructions that anyone can understand.   (the very best drift alignment instruction i have seen.)  this is a must see site and just when you think you seen it all, check out peter's photo gallery, it is simply awesome. 


  • ravenshoe astronomy forum
    • a new web forum  (2006) - the theme is "bringing worldwide amateur astronomers together" 


  • above the clouds
    • a great amateur astronomy site.  well worth the visit and it has a wealth of useful information.  


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  • ash observatory logo
    • a new web site (3/2006) - if you are into amateur astronomy, keep an  eye on this site.  this site uses a meade 14" gps200 and the images are great. 
    • looking to build your own observatory?  thinking about a roll back / roll off roof for your observatory.  you will learn a lot with a visit to this site and leave with some great ideas.
    • visit often and watch it grow. 


  • image of astro shack logo- copyright www.astroshack.net astroshack
    • all the way from ireland - if you are into amateur astronomy, and believe that a strong foundation is best you need to visit this site.  the webmaster name is dave and his scope rides on an astro-physics goto 1200 mount, talk about a foundation. 
    • dave was also the first amateur astronomer in ireland to earn an international observatory code, "j65".
    • the site has a several image galleries and a download section with some very helpful information for the beginner.   
    • dave plans for an even larger aperture scope in the future and pursuing his interests in astrometry, astronomy and ccd imaging.
    • if you need information from a owner/user as to the abilities of the goto 1200 mount or just want to  look around this site is well worth a visit. 


  • panther-observatory
    • if you are into astrophotography or thinking about getting started in imaging you must visit this site.  johannes schedler the webmaster is  passionate about his images and it sure shows in his work.   this is the site i use to compare my results and to measure what to expect when imaging the sights above.    knowing  what is possible lights the way for those who want to take the journey.  take a visit!

  • irish astrophotography
    • if you are into astrophotography take the time to visit this site based in dublin, ireland.  there are articles, news links and great image galleries.  check out this site, well done. 


  • messier objects
    • great site for learning about messier objects



  • backyard astro logo
    • backyard-astro.com: backyard astronomy for amateur astronomers
       lots and lots of helpful information.


  • lxd75.com
    • own a meade lxd series telescope or planning to buy one?  good advice for lxd users and how to advice with useful articles.  nice site and a good place to share information.


  • the space site
    • a space topic community with all sorts of great information and very good forums. image gallery articles and more.  if you like space and astronomy you will enjoy your visit to this site.


  • astronomy made easy
    • if you want to learn about or hear about astronomy this site gives you tips on how to pick out a scope, shoot pictures, and scope usage.          


  • jat observatory
    • what a interesting astronomy site.  when you visit here you will see it has many items  not found on many other astronomy sites.  i highly recommend you take a visit.  


  • fotosearch stock photography
    • looking for astronomy photos?  here is a site offering a wide variety of astronomy related images.  worth a visit, enjoy.

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  • rock star astronomy
    • here is a new site, just started, offering tips, equipment pages and image gallery.  it is great to see new web sites that support amateur astronomy.  the web master and amateur astronomer is tim, enjoy.  (lxd75-sn-10at set up is also featured)


  • meade instruments corporation    
    • meade is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. the company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world.


  • telescopes.com  
    • a trustworthy vendor for scopes and accessories who have real knowledgeable people to discuss your needs, they deliver on-time and invoice correctly.


  • aplus.net ( my web provider)
    • if your thinking of starting a site or need online services, this is the vendor i recommend you contact.  a+++  all around


  • aplus.net directory
    •  online directory


  • sky and telescope
    • the best all around web site and publications for astronomy.  they also offer a excellent free interactive sky map.


  • astronomy listing
    • an astronomy and space directory


  • hobby
    •  hobby.net.au - for all your hobby related information

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