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sights above's preferred suppliers & vendor list

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no matter what you need in astronomy supplies this is my recommended supplier.

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telescope accessories and hard to find items or odd scope parts

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looking for a autostar keypad repair kit, tripod nuts and bolts, a heated dew shield or maybe a atik .5x focal reducer in 1.25" filter format.  they have some very unusual parts that i have not seen anywhere else.  if you like scope stuff take a visit to this supplier.

telephone support - 1-512-259-9778.  this is a small company, which means any order small or large is important to them, and it shows in the way the treat their customers.

international orders - translations: deutscher français español italiano português

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web designer

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i confidently recommend gavin vincent to anyone who wants to elevate their sites features or to add custom controls. he also builds sites from the ground up, large and small. i find his pricing schedule very reasonable and competitive for the quality work he provided me. last, i like gavin’s professional approach and how he added his personal touch for good measure.

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if you are going to start a web site having a superior  web provider will add to your chances of success.  i have found to be the best all around deal in town.  they provide small, medium pro, professional and large dedicated sever packages  at a  modest cost compared to many i reviewed before making my final selection.   they offer a huge knowledge base and real person support around the clock when needed.  up-time is performance is at premium levels.    be sure to include this vendor in your web provider search.  

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telescope brand

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one of the best telescopes for the value.  from small to large meade makes a great telescope.   

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digital / remote electric focus accessory


the very best digital focus accessory i have seen.  easy to do business with.

contact information -technical innovations
7851 cessna avenue
gaithersburg, md 20879

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