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why do we seek web site awards?   

site awards challenge the web master to continually improve the material content and presentation of their web sites.  these awards can not be purchased they must be earned.  

the number one goal of most awards programs is to improve the content and presentation of web materials that you, the visitor views.  they also provide recognition to web masters who try to provide it.  most people are not aware that the vast majority of information available on the web is provided by small sites like this one.   we all want sites that can be viewed by the entire family and content that is not offensive to others.  award programs have a strict code of ethics which must be there before a site can be evaluated.  most awards programs are provided by web masters and award teams that are given up their time, experience and knowledge to make the web a better place for everyone.

the process for applying for most award programs is similar.  the web master applies to the award program and requests an evaluation usually by completing an application.  to apply a site must first meet the awards program criteria and many offer a self test to evaluate your site to determine if you should apply.  if you make it through the criteria and application stage your site is then visited (can be several visits) by the evaluation person or team.  i must tell anyone seeking a site award, pay close attention to the criteria, most sites are disqualified for not meeting it.  your site is scored against the criteria requirements and a final determination is made.  if you have earned an award you display it with pride, if not you continue to make improvements and apply again.  (each program has time requirements/restrictions between applications)

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rated award programs use a very strict set of standards and criteria.  their programs have been evaluated and judged and ranked  by award rating associations.  that's right, the awards program is rated much like a site evaluation, just a lot harder and at a higher level.   this process gives the rated awards programs a great deal of consistency, respect and they are valued world wide.  these awards are more difficult to earn and any web master who consistently improves their site will eventually achieve this award level.   

in closing,

to have continuous improvement one must first have a way of measuring change.  we use the experience and knowledge of these award programs to measure this site's progress against our goal, a web site that will offer value and enjoyment to it's visitors. 

the true winner of a site award is the visitor who views a site that has won one and that's what these awards are all about.  making the web a better place for all to enjoy. 

james eaton

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