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 sights above, supporting amateur astronomy and ccd imaging. 

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 photo gallery astrophotography and ccd imaging galleries.   you will find images from our   solar  system, deep space, lunar and guest posted images here.  

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 telescope equipment

a list and detailed descriptions of the telescopes and accessories used here at sights above.  meade, telvue, sbig, robo focus, etc.

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 learning and help

lessons learned - things we have learned and experienced while enjoying  amateur astronomy and backyard observing.   visitors can share and post their experiences here. telescope 101 - great information on getting started, telescope selection, telescope types, magnification, etc.  audio-video -  experiences and lessons learned in audio/video format,  an alternative if you have had a long day!

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 our observatory

information on our observatory,  site equipment, clear sky clock, observing logs.

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 lunar 100 project

the  objects  are  arranged  in  order  from  the  easiest  to  the  most  difficult  to  view  by  charles  wood.  the challenge is to image all 100.

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 site awards

image of a 3d gold starrated site awards,   web site awards  earned by this site and award nominee postings.  why do we seek awards?

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 crossword puzzle gallery fun - new

challenge your amateur astronomy knowledge by completing fun crossword puzzles.

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 site information

information about this web site.  about me,  privacy statement,  copy right policy,  legal statement,  contact information,  site map,  table of contents, etc.
news links and vendor menu image  astronomy news & links astronomy news, favorite links, preferred vendor list, rss feed to njnightsky forum.
contact and feed back menu image  contact sights above if you have a question or like to leave a comment.
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 new site map

please feel free to add your location to our site map !!!

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 upload your astro-images

share your astro-images with other amateur astronomers.  upload to our guest gallery.  share your experiences and tips in amateur astronomy you have leaned by uploading them here

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 electric focuser

for your lxd75 sn10at or lxd75 sn-8.  a project to add a meade 1240 focuser to your lxd75 6 to 10 inch newington.

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up sights above photo gallery telescope_equipment learning & help our_observatory lunar 100 site awards astronomy-crossword site information links & news

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